Brain Health

Brain degeneration and impaired memory functioning do not need to be the expected and inevitable consequence of the ageing process. Here at Fibr, we know that optimising nutrition allows for peak mental functioning and the prevention of age-related cognitive decline.

As we age supporting our general brain health and memory becomes of crucial importance so we have sourced an extensive selection of potent formulas to support cognition, memory and emotional wellbeing.

The consumption of omega 3 fatty acids is crucial to general wellbeing and specifically brain health. Supplementing with high grade omega 3 is essential as few of us are able to achieve optimum levels from diet alone.

Other helpful supplements include choline for memory, vitamin D for optimal neuronal functioning, curcumin as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidants to repair cell damage and B vitamins to de-stress.

Whatever your stage of life and brain health needs, our curated collection contains an extensive selection of herbs, antioxidants, neurotransmitters and other brain-friendly nutrients to boost brain and memory health.  

Our friendly Nutrition Advisors are here to for more information or to answer your questions.