About Us

"Our passion is for you to join us on this incredible journey. To become the most authentic, optimised and healthiest version of you."

At Fibr we believe each of us is sitting on a vast reservoir of untapped potential - it’s exactly this resource of health we’ll help you to unlock.

Fibr Supplements

To us, supplement quality matters and here at Fibr we use Superior Medical Grade supplements:

Designed by Clinicians to Achieve Lasting Results:

  • All of our nutraceuticals are practitioner-only products.
  • Backed and developed clinical research.

Because of this, we are able to maximise the potential for successful health outcomes for you.

Who We Are

We are Fibr Health.

By combining scientific scrutiny with a personalised medicine approach, we honour that the restoration of health is a process that looks different for every individual.

We’re a team of integrative health specialists born out of a passion for health, research and the desire to source the highest quality supplements so you can be your very best self.

Our Beliefs

In today's busy world, supplementation is becoming a cornerstone of optimal health. Our aim is to help bridge the nutrition gap resulting from hectic lifestyles, soil and water depletion, food and environmental toxins, poor digestive absorption and pesticides (to name only a few).

We’ve noticed it’s becoming increasingly difficult to obtain our vital micronutrients from food alone and as a result witnessed a significant cultural shift in interest towards high-grade, targeted supplementation.

We say ‘no’ to lower-quality off-the-shelf brands - we know they simply cannot provide the available nutrients required for maximum impact and better health. That's why we source the highest quality professional-grade nutraceutical products from the best suppliers worldwide.

Ways You’ll Succeed

  • Enhance and support cognition to fully realise and achieve what you’re truly capable of,
  • Improve resilience to better cope with the demands of daily life,
  • Optimise longevity - by living well, we live longer,
  • Scientific supplemental support is the most effective route to better health,
  • Become the best version of you physically and mentally,

Live a fuller, happier and healthier life.

For You, We Go the Extra Distance...

The time spent researching and curating these products has instilled a desire to create a more streamlined and reliable one-stop-shop for our customers. Our company was born out of necessity, driven by the desire to source the purest, most powerful nutraceuticals.

Our passion for in-depth clinical research ensures Fibr Supplements are constantly evolving.

Each product has been hand-picked and clinically proven for optimal efficacy to enable your best version yet.

A complementary and potent synergy of ingredients delivered at the correct dose is a powerful way to redirect our health journey towards optimal wellbeing.

How We See the Future of Health

Alongside an optimal diet, regular exercise, quality rest and stress reduction; strategic and synergistic high-grade supplementation is an essential and necessary component to optimising your health.

Increasingly toxic environments and lifestyle excesses (most of us enjoy a drink or two) make the need for targeted supplementation fundamental to optimising healthspan.

Following a supplement protocol targeting your specific nutritional deficits while accounting for genetic predispositions, is paramount to living well and living longer. The field of micronutrient supplementation research is booming and it’s clear that now more than ever, high-quality, targeted nutraceuticals are essential for improving healthspan and longevity.

Improving your Health is our Passion...

We take pride in our personalised customer service and recognise the complex interplay between individual physiologies, health goals and outcomes. We, therefore, offer carefully selected ‘bespoke’ supplement packages for targeted health goals on a basic or premium level. None of us is the same and we recognise that more than anyone.