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Get Cutting-Edge Scientific Insights into your health from an inexpensive home blood test.

Our new blood testing package harnesses the power of machine learning to transform your basic blood test results into a more powerful predictor of long-term health. 

The Blood Chemistry Calculator is a revolutionary tool designed to give you scientifically valid predictions about your health from a low-cost blood test. Listen to the creators speak about the power of smart blood interpretation here.

Empowering you with personalised information can you use to make changes to your diet, lifestyle and nutrition to impact your risk of future disease and to improve how you feel and function t o d a y.

Blood Calculator
Using a machine learning algorithm together with blood chemistry data from 36,000 people, we can make predictions (forecast) the results of tests that are difficult to access.

For example, if your haemoglobin (the blood protein which carries oxygen ) is low, we can reliably predict whether the cause is a copper, zinc, B12 or folate deficiency without the need to do expensive additional testing. 

Correcting this deficiency with targeted supplementation or dietary changes you’ll feel better in your daily life, perform better both at work and at play, and you can watch your health improve in real time using our 5-year wellness score.

Your 5 Year Wellness Score

Bloods + Clever Science = Powerful Health Predictions.

Blood Calculation

With your blood data and a scientifically-validated calculation, we can calculate an overall wellness score as a single and powerful predictor of your long-term health. We then give you the score and then support you to implement changes to improve it. 

We can also predict your health age based on your blood markers, which you can then compare to your true chronological age. 
Don’t be scared - We support you and empower you to turn back the biological clock.

Additional Insights included in the predictions:

That may require further investigation for correct diagnosis e.g gut testing.
Linked to chronic diseases like diabetes, depression, heart disease, and for your athletes help you monitor whether you may be overtraining.
Chemical/Environmental Toxicity 
Whether your body is struggling to process environmental toxins from plastics to chemicals in your tap water.

Heavy metal toxicity: 

  • Is all the Sushi you eat raising your mercury levels?
  • Perhaps those dental fillings are leaching metal into your system taxing your detoxification systems. All these small environmental chemical ‘burdens’ add up, especially in the context of a body that is stressed overall.

Hormonal Imbalances:

  • Men: We like to see healthy testosterone levels and low male oestrogen levels. Commonly we see men’s results popping up with high oestrogen levels - a result of a liver which is working overtime, dietary choices, incidental exposure to hormones in the environment, such as oestrogen byproducts in drinking water. Male Oestrogen makes you sluggish, prone to retaining fat and in more ‘advanced’ cases - cause “Moobs”.
  • Women: we are increasingly seeing women become "oestrogen dominant" for the same reasons, but some athletes are actually low on all their hormones. Balance is Essential!

Peel back all these the layers, and you have evidence to inform a route to back to more optimal health.

Health Reveal = Insight + Prescribed Action > Empowerment = #SupremeYou

What’s Included?

Blood Test + Access to 5 Year Wellness Score + Health Predictions. 

What's not Included?

Consultation with our Medical Doctors or Health Coaches.
Additional Testing which may be recommended based on the “Health Reveal.”


Blood Draw at Lab - £149
Blood Draw at Home/Office - £189

Get more out of a low-cost blood test at Fibr with our powerful Health Reveal! 

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