PackagesAt Fibr, we know all too well the choice of supplements available today is quite frankly overwhelming.

Making decisions as to which is the best brand, ensuring the quality and efficacy of ingredients, how and when to take as well as the need to ensure synergistic and complementary combinations, creates an extra burden upon our already busy lifestyles.

Using our knowledge, thirst for research and passion for wellness we’ve decided to take the stress out of the equation with four targeted Fibr Protocols

Designed by Fibr Health doctors, we’ve created four health-enhancing vitamin and supplement regimens to address the modern needs of clients seen in our practice daily.

Each doctor defined protocol is unique with the underlying theme of mitochondrial enhancement, quality research driven ingredients and targeted synergistic formulas for each protocol

Fibr Blood Testing

These are not your Standard Blood Tests. We offer a Comprehensive range of testing of relevant health markers many simply not available through the NHS.

We derive Optimal Zones for you and present your test results in a form which makes sense.Track changes over time as you make recommended changes to your diet & lifestyle.

If you can see and understand your blood results - you feel empowered to influence the outcomes.

We have a range of packages to suit you or get in contact to arrange a consultation and we can build a package to directly meet your needs.

Fibr Protocols


This is a powerful and synergistic selection of supplements designed for those whose goal is improved body composition, designed to provide an extra boost alongside diet and exercise. 


We know that for athletes, small percentages and marginal gains are the difference between standing on top of the podium or coming home in the middle of the pack.


We all need a little calm amongst the chaos and Fibr Zen offers a thorough foundation of nutritional support to reduce the effects of everyday stress whilst building resilience.



As longevity and long-term health become a coveted and increasingly achievable feat, we have developed a package that allows you to take advantage of the best research driven nutraceuticals on the market.