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  • You’re looking for insight and action for your health to help you be the best version of you.
  • Standard Medical Advice and Tests have not been very useful or even effective at finding solutions for why you feel the way you do.

What We Offer You:

  • Expertise in the Performance Medicine space.
  • Cutting Edge Tests - that delve much deeper
  • Personalised & Supported Plan of Action
  • Guaranteed Improvements in wellbeing

A collaborative approach to ensure continued improvements and adjustments to your personalised regime.

D.U.T.C.H - Ultimate Stress and Hormone Test

The DUTCH test uses dried urine (on strips), an elegant and advanced scientific test, blending at home convenience with a comprehensive report which your practitioner will discuss with you. It is near impossible to get this level of detail in a blood test outside a research lab.

Why a DUTCH Test?

Thinking you may be on the road to ‘burnout’ or heard about adrenal ‘fatigue’?
Looking to optimise and improve body composition - adaptation to exercise regime.
Your hormones may be contributing to low energy, libido issues, stubborn weight, and or sleep problems.

You will have 4 strips of thick paper on which to urinate.
4 times in a day - dinner, bedtime, waking, mid-morning.
Unlike a blood test which gives a snap-shot - this shows us HOW you are using your hormones and more importantly HOW we can optimise this process with the benefit being your vitality and longevity. One of our MOST used and popular tests.

Fibr Essentials Bloods

A comprehensive health screen is done via a home finger prick test which provides a valuable baseline insight into your current state of health. This includes biomarkers for blood sugar regulation (pre-diabetes), iron, cholesterol, powerful markers of inflammation as well as an in-depth window into thyroid, kidney and liver function.

Expert Insight and Recommendations:

  • 1 x Functional Doctor Review via Skype
  • 3 months Expert Health Coach Support - 3 Phone calls or weekly Emails
  • A Personalised Plan with Lifestyle + Nutrition Recommendations
  • 8 weeks Targeted & personalised Medical Grade Supplements
  • Appropriate Medication - Including Natural Hormones where appropriate - delivered to your door.

Price on application.

Additional Tests offered (Clinician-only tests)

- Nutreval Organic Acids 
- Cyrex Gold Standard Food Allergy Testing
- Genova Heavy Metal Testing

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